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Glasier Wellness Inc is a manufacturer of a line of antiparasitic drugs from the group called Anthelmintics. The drugs that belong to this group are mainly used to kill and expel parasitic worms from the body. The drugs do not cause any damage to the host, as these are no toxic to the host. Our company supplies levamisole tab, ivermectin tab and other anthelmintics drugs. These drugs are generally recommended in the medical conditions, like whipworm infection, worms and flukes, liver fluke, angiostrongylosis, intestinal round worms, filariasis (tissue round worms), etc. The drugs offered by Glasier Wellness Inc are very well tolerated in humans.
Product Image (Imuwell)

Levamisole Tab

Levamisole 50 / 150 mg Tab ( Imuwell - 50 / 150 Tab )

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Ivermectin Tab

Price: 65.00 - 99.00 INR/Unit

Ivermectin 6mg / 12mg (Dispersible)


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